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Aug 12, 2016 at 02:14 PM

deeply disappointed customer about quality of Design Studio


Hi all,

We use now more then 2 year design studio in our company. For the first year, only the developer department use Design Studio. In this time we have migrated 700 WAD (Version 3.5) to 450 Design Studio Report.

In two years I have create more then 45 OSS Notes abound Design Studio bugs.

In the project we went Live with Version 1.5. After a short time, many users notify a several small issues and two big issues, all this issues was in basic reporting functions. This two big issues takes a long time to fixed from SAP and then we upgraded to the 1.5 SP1. Few issues was fixed and few issues come additional.

This situation we had several time, in 1 year. Also this Month with upgrade 1.6 SP2 Patch1 (4th Design Studio upgrade in 1 year), we implement this Version because the BIP Server was unstable when different user are working on the same report with different languages. We was happy that this issues was fixed, but surprise one big issues comes now new. Bookmarking are not working correct with 1.6 SP2. Answer from SAP is again, the development will fixed it in the Version 1.6 SP3.

This game we are playing the last year, four time. Every Upgrade costs us a lot of time and money. Worse is, that the end user (4500 Employee) are relay disappointed about Design Studio. Several departments refuse to work with design studio reports.

I'm impressive how many new fancy function are implemented in each new Design Studio Version, but for my 4500 End User the basic function are essential.

If you are also a disappointed customer please comment this blog! Let us discuss and share your experience in this blog. We are powerful together.

Maybe the development team will concentrate to improve the basics.

Thanks a lot for you help.