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Aug 08, 2016 at 11:13 AM

Consoldiation Account Data Loads


Hi all,

In loading Account members from ERP into BW for BPC, we need to populate certain properties for the consolidation to work (ACCTYPE, RATETYPE, DIMLIST etc.).

The 0ACCOUNT object from ERP will only have on it a balance sheet indicator which is not enough detail to derive the properties. We need to be using the full ERP Chart of Accounts and use ERP Financial statement version for the hierarchies. It is impractical to manually maintain the properties in BPC for each account and account hierarchy nodes.

What is the best approach in loading the properties? We can leverage the Account Range groups from ERP and map those in a DSO in BW. That could be in turn used in a transformation up update the account properties. However that approach will no address the account nodes needing an AccType.

I was hoping there is a best practice / approach for this.

Many thanks