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Aug 06, 2016 at 06:24 PM

Update and Deletion Mode In LSMW


Hello Friends,

One of my friend who is a SAP Functional consultant gave me some more knowledge regarding LSMW. He told me that in LSMW we can also update and delete master data . Also he gave me some examples on this for better understanding which I have shared below.

Update Mode:-

Ex.- Suppose you are uploading 5000 vendor master data in SAP. After execute you found that only 1000 vendor master has successfully uploaded and the rest has not uploaded due to some error . So if you will go for start checking of the master data one by one that which are uploaded or not then it will take a lots of time. So what happens in update mode ,you have to enable update mode and then you have to upload the same master data file again. The system will upload the rest 4000 master data which had not uploaded before. This is update mode.

Deletion mode:-

Ex.- Suppose you want to upload 5000 customer master data in SAP. After execute you found in the system that there are 10000 master data has uploaded instead of 5000 master data . So in that case you have to enable deletion mode in LSMW and again upload the same master data file through LSMW. After execute you will find only 5000 master data are available in the system and the rest 5000 master data will have deleted.This is deletion mode.

If you have more idea regarding this then please share because I want to know that how to use these update mode and deletion mode in LSMW.