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Aug 06, 2016 at 01:56 AM

SAP PI Local Data Store via BRM or HCI


We've had this discussion several times over the last decade:

  1. PI doesn't have a local data store that developers can leverage.
  2. Value Maps are severely restricted to be a real option.
  3. Developers get around this limitation via custom solutions(ZTables/RFC/Files etc).

However, it seems that one can leverage BRM or HCI(on PO7.5) to get around this limitation.


I found these links that indicate that BRM can act as a datastore

How to Kill Custom Code and Z-Tables

Has anyone built a generic data store using BRM?


PO 7.5 comes with the HCI runtime + data store.

Data Store Viewer - Advanced Adapter Engine - SAP Library

I'm not sure if this store is exposed to PI mapping runtime/adapters.

We could build setter/getter HCI interfaces that would allow PI to access the HCI data store.

I want to check if someone has already explored these options.

If so, please share your experiences. I'd really appreciate it 😊