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Feb 09, 2017 at 08:35 AM


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Dear All,

We have the following requirement from client. Example, raw materials are supplied in short by Vendor and production order is released and execution can be done only upto the operation that can be completed with the available material sent by vendor. So, now here some way of triggering is required to Purchase Department where material is shortage, so that they can purchase for remaining production execution. And another triggering to production planning department when materials are in warded to stock,so that they can continue with remaining production using the materials available.

Kindly put your suggestions and help me with this, like what sort of triggering can be given like mail or what....

Thanks in advance.

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Dear All,

Kindly help me with this by putting your valuable suggestions.

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1 Answer

Tony Wang Feb 14, 2017 at 06:30 AM

Hi Jeffrey,

can your client accept releaseing production order only when material available? in order to avoid stopping proudciton in middle of processing.

normal case if some raw materials are in short to produce the FG, MRP run will trigger the PR automatically, and purchasing department can monitor these requirement with a specific MRP controller linked to the materials they are responsible for.



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Dear Tony,

Thanks for your reply. But our requirement is a bit different. For example lets say,

For making Finished good, i need 500 raw materials,with 4 operations.

But vendor supplied only 200 raw materials remaining 300 will be sent after some days.

so now using that 200 raw materials only we can proceed till 2nd operation.

For rest of operations i.e 3rd and 4th operation we need remaining 300 materials.

So in this case some trigger should be given to Purchasing dept to procure the remaining 300 materials.

And when received,the production dept should be given given trigger to show that materials had arrived for remaining production.

Note: The main reason behind the scenario is, in some cases when the operation pauses because of lack of materials, there are incidents where purchasing dept and production dept forget about it as days run. Because there is no intimation to them. And after some days they'll find out that this particular order is pending due to lack of stock. So in order to avoid it,they're raising this requirement to us to have some provision.


ok that's the business requirment, for the missing material triggering information, I think can run mass availability check for RELEASED production orders with t-code COMAC, so purchasing dept daily monitor this report to know the missing materials.