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Aug 04, 2016 at 07:38 AM

The inner workings of the AA Service (part of APS) for DesignStudio


I am looking for the inner workings of the AA Service, running as part of the APS on the SAP BI BusObjects platform .
From all what I have seen and read the following topics are still not clear to me:

  1. When accessing HANA Views via Design Studio and http Connection (not OLAP connection to HANA), does MDAS come into play or DSL?
  2. What exactly does the AA Service do? Does it just fire the underlying data connections (to access SAP BW/Bex queries or HANA views) in a DesignStudio Dashboard and collects the data, then hands it over to Tomcat (WEB APP Server) for further processing? Or does AA actually do more? If so, what exactly is that more?
  3. Where is the scripting language BIAL actually parsed and executed when opening a DesignStudio Dashboard? On the Web Application Server (Tomcat) or in your local web browser or in AA service?
  4. For OLAP based connection (be that SAP BW OR HANA as a data source), do the file on the SAP BI BusObjects server come into play or do these indeed ONLY affect Analysis, OLAP?
  5. Is indeed a max. of 8 GB JAVA Heap space (-XMX parameter) a recommendation for the AA Service? And if I have more users than 15 users (which seem to be the default setting for sessions/users in AA) should I create additional AA Services? If so, should I create these on the same node/physical machine or only have one AA service per SAP BI BusObjects Node?

Neither the SAP BI Sizing guide, nor the SAP Note for DesignStudio Sizing, nor the SAP BI Tutorial/Process workflow available here seem to provide any insight regarding these more detailed questions.

If anyone could help me out in answering these questions I would appreciate it.