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Aug 04, 2016 at 02:31 AM

Business Partner Master- Collection Specific data adjustment


Hi All,

Need help in SAP FSCM Collection Management Area.

In Collection Management, we have a scenario to add new collection segments to collection profile. We have existing Business Partners in FSCM (Role UDM000 BP Collection Management) and they have collection profile & Collection segment assigned to them. We added new segments to the collection profile. I was under assumption that as soon as we add segments to collection profile they will automatically populate on Business Partner. It did got updated on many business partner however there were plenty of business partner on which the collection segment didn't got updated. If i go to TCODE: UDM_BP in change mode, a message pops up with following details and if I click on continue it updates the segment and everything is fine thereafter.

I have following questions:

1. Is this an expected behavior?

2. Is there any standard way of updating segments on all business partners (some program/TCODE etc.)Appreciate your response in advance.


Naveen Negi