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Aug 03, 2016 at 03:33 PM

Fiori Launchpad - feature inquiry


hello all,

hope you are doing great!

I have a small yet very important query about HTML5 Application deployed in HCP which is registered in Fiori Launchpad and working fine. but I need a bit more functionality in launchpad which I have not been able to find.

So, I have one HTML5 application in which I am dealing with 2 processes (each process has its frontend with basic dynamic functionality like Buttons and onPress functions etc.). each process has its own view page. and everything is correctly programmed in index.htnl, component.js and manifest.json and working fine in sap web ide.

what I want now in fiori launchpad is to make 2 different tiles for these 2 processes which are present in the same html5 application.

what I did uptil now is:

I had this html5 app deployed in HCP so it appears in konto-apps section of my fiori launchpad site. I added this app to my fiori launchpad site and made a dynamic app launcher tile for this app. when I run my fiori site, this tile appears and when I click this tile, everything in my html5 app runs as it runs in sap web ide. I have 2 views in my html5 app. I added a button on view 1 which takes me to view 2 (view 1 -> process1, view 2 ->process2).

Fiori launchpad assigns its own URLs to different views of html5 app running inside it. so when I navigate to view2 from a button on view 1 (via routing mechanism), it goes to view 2 showing the URL for view 2.

but view 2 is process2 and I want to open it in a different tile as if its a different app so I made a new tile which is for the URL App type. when you make this tile, you need to provide the URL which this tile will open when clicked. so I assigned the URL of view 2 to this tile and its working.

But since URLs keep on changing all the time for many different reasons, its not a safe way for me to run my app in this way.

the only other option is to map the tile for view 2 in terms of folder structure of my html5 app like e.g. /webapp/view/View2.view.xml instead of the URL presently assigned to it. So even if URL changes, this folder mapping in html5 will remain the same.

But i have not been able to find info how to execute this mapping according to folder structure of my html5 app. I have tried to map tile 2 to /webapp/view/View2.view.xml but it 404 not found error.

I have looked into portal service docu but not found much on this.

this is the only thing that is stopping me from using incredible Fiori Launchpad service. and if I dont get this info, I need to implement all Fiori Launchpad functionlaity on my own which will take a lot of time.

Does anybody has a solution to this or any idea leading to its solution?

It will be highly appreciated and will be a great help for other people implementing such thing in the future!