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Aug 03, 2016 at 02:41 PM

Create a magnifier in a textbox by code?


Hallo Forum,

on the SAP B1 GUI is the magnifier as an element for choosing User Defined Values. I can see that the values are based on a query. I can open the query:

> SELECT T0.[PrjName] FROM OPRJ T0 WHERE $[$157.0.0] = T0.[PrjCode]

1. What is the meaning of '$[$157.0.0]'? Some kind of regular expression, or a strange parameter convention?

2. Is it possible to set the User Defined Values by code? I have one of my own tables and I want to set this values as a suggestion for another textbox. Can I change a textbox by code in a way that a magnifier appears with the values from my table?

Thanks a lot