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Aug 03, 2016 at 01:18 PM

Procurement type (CO-PC / PP)


Good Morning Guru

Sorry, i'm not a very expert of this matter but i have a question that i suppose cross CO-PC and PP.

My user ask me a question about field "procurement type" in material master data (folder MRP2).

A material YYYY can be purchased and produced.

For production the procurement type in mrp2 views needs to be E (in house production).

For costing reason the procurement type in mrp2 views needs to be F (external procurement) , i.e the costing searches for a "inforecord" instead of a BOM.

It is also possible to use procurement type X (both procurement type) but it seems that using the procurement type X the costing run still picks up

the BOM.

On an page i read that: " If you leave the indicator X for both procurement types in the material master record and you have not maintained any quota arrangements the system automatically switches on in-house production".

The question is if there is a way to manage this dual necessity so to have in-house production for internal production and external procurement for costing run?

Thanks in advance to everyone for the help.