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Aug 03, 2016 at 06:39 AM

Minimal setup for using SAPbobsCOM in a .NET application


Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie in SAP SDK development.

I've a .NET application which I need to integrate with SAP B1 9.2, Hana version

I only need to use the "data layer" so I only need SAPbobsCOM.dll ( 32 bit version)

I don't want to setup (if possible) SAP B1 on our 300 pcs

I tried to regsvr32 the dll without success ( I read other threads on this )

The answer is: what's the minimal setup for successfully instantiating an object contained in SAPbobsCOM.dll?

The whole B1 client? B1DIAPI? SAP_HANA_CLIENT_32? Others?

Many thanks for any help received.