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Aug 02, 2016 at 07:55 PM

Deactivate distribution for COD_REPLICATE_SALES_ORDER



We just applied the CODERINT Add-on Support packages SP23.

Right after that we noticed in BD87 failed Idocs in outbound processing COD_REPLICATE_SALES_ORDER

Those Idocs are failing eery day, of course because we haen't started yet the configuration, until then we would like to preent those Idocs errors.

The SAP help message says :

"Define the receivers in your distribution model for this message type or

deactivate distribution for these message types."

So our best option is to try deactiate until needed the distribution for message type COD_REPLICATE_SALES_ORDER.... but how ?

I tried BD50, could not find the message type here

I tried BD53, BD 61 (Changes pointed are now checked)

Could not find where I could Deactivate distribution for message type COD_REPLICATE_SALES_ORDER ..

Any idea ?



withcraft.png (31.7 kB)
BD50.png (48.0 kB)