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Aug 02, 2016 at 02:43 PM

HANA XS Odata Function Imports


Hi all,

I am new in the domain of XS Odata services. I had created an OData service on an on-premise system, and as per OData v2.0 specs, I could use Function Imports or Service Operations, which are basically functions you can call on your service with a GET operation (see here for further information). Now we are trying to migrate on an HDB.

I am testing on a trial HANA MDC system, have been working directly on the SAP HANA Workbench, and have been following tutorials to know how to expose an XS OData service, and I know that with Calculated Views you can call stored procedures from your service, but this does not allow for operations as precise as in SAP Gateway (with ABAP coding). I have seen that it's not possible to define a "get using" as it is possible with "create using" and other CRUD operations.

So here we go : do these function imports exist on HDB based XS OData service ? If not, do you know of any equivalent or workaround ?

Thank you in advance for your answers,