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Aug 02, 2016 at 02:10 PM

ERROR FP 041 in FV60 / Why can't we change GJAHR only if WF is running?



We have an invoice verification workflow with automatized entry of parked invoices. At the turn of the year the clerks often have to change automatically assigned posting date to new or old year. In FV60 we get Error FP 041. In this case we start a whole new entry of document manually.

If we try it without a running workflow, we can change posting date and after saving, parked document is deleted and a new one is created.

I already found the reason for this behaviour in OSS Note 916729.

OSS Note 916729 says

"The change of document date or posting date in another fiscal year must be rejected with error message FP 041, as is usual for a parked document due to the object key change."

If I understand it correctly, object key is "BELNR + BUKRS + GJAHR" !? And (in my interpretation) this suggests that changing the fiscal year (and so the object key) is not possible outside of workflow. But it is possible if no workflow is running.

So specifically my questions are:

Does SAP want to restrict the object key change in general or just in Workflow? And why does SAP want to restrict it? If our Workflow still works if the document is deleted and a new one is created in background, could we just remove the code that rejects the change?

Basically I have the same question like in this thread:

But since noone has answered it yet, I think WF-Subforum is not the right place for this kind of question.