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Aug 02, 2016 at 11:32 AM

GRAC_USER_ACCES_WS - Missing Simple consumer related entry


Hello experts,

while implementing the GRC-IdM scenario I have some troubles with the web service GRAC_USER_ACCES_WS. I deleted the "Simple consumer related" entry on the web service (actually not now, but some months ago when I first tried to establish the IdM GRC scenario). I tried to get it back on my own, but adding this one in SOAMANAGER isn't possible (or at least I haven't found where). I also tried to re-de the whole implementation for this webservice, but it didn't help.

Does anyone know how to get it back? Is it even relevant? Have I missed out anything while re-doing the implementation?


In the screenshot below the other web services have this entry "Simple consumer related"

I am getting an error in the IdM when I try to call the web service. As the VDS is called, I guess the problem is inside the GRC not the IdM call.

The same error occurs when I try to execute the webservice via the SoapUI program. I tried out other GRC webservices and the role search worked in both IdM and SoapUI, so it's not really a general problem but specific to the

Best regards

Dominik Trui


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