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Aug 02, 2016 at 08:47 AM

Depreciation run error message no. F5727 : "The maximum number of items for an FI document ('999') has been exceeded."



Request experts suggestions/advise on error encountered while executing depreciation test run using transaction AFAB.

Maximum number of items in FI reached

Message no. F5727


The maximum number of items for an FI document ('999') has been exceeded.

System Response

FI documents have a 3-digit item counter that limits the number of items permitted per document.


If the documents with an excessive number of items come from another application area (e.g. sales, logistics, order accounting), you can configure the system to the effect that these documents are summarized in FI.


System used: S/4 HANNA 1511 system (test system)

No. of Depreciation area: 2

I created 48 new assets with capitalization date as 01.01.2015 and posted value to these 48 assets. Depreciation run was carried out by someone until period 11 2015. I tried to execute depreciation run for period 12 2015 and got above error.


Depreciation run generates 2 depreciation document, one from each depreciation area. In a document, one line item is generated for each asset and for each period. So total, (48 assets * 12 periods) 576 debit entry + 576 credit entry = 1152 line items are trying to get posted in a single depreciation document that is causing the error.

Solution tried:

Based on SAP Note 1779136 - Extended summarization of FI documents, I tried to summarize asset depreciation document based for asset number (Table name: BSEG & Filed: ANLN1). But Table TTYPVX, wasn't accepting the entry as Table name and Field name are not present in TTYPS Table. When I tried to added table name and field name in TTYPS table, I was getting an error message FC250.

I was searching for some other solution in this forum and found a below post for Oct 2013. It was mentioned that by default only 100 line items gets posted in a depreciation document. If number of line item exceeds 100, a new document gets generated.

Number of document posted in Depreciation run | SCN


Hi Kavitha ,

Thanks for your reply, Kind of new to SCN so didn't realise about incorrect forum.

Coming to query, on further analysis I realised that SAP is creating a new document after every 100 lines.

E.g Deperciation area is assigned to different ledgers & number range assigned is different ( for my system).

if there are 225 entries in leading ledger then 3 documents will be created in leading ledger. (100+100+25)

Same is followed for other leadger if active.

yes, you were right that there is no config for this.

Thanks for your help 😊


Now this splitting isn't happening automatically, Is there any way we can split the depreciation document? or Is there any way to summarize the depreciation posting by asset numbers?

Thank & Regards

Sudarshan G