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Aug 01, 2016 at 03:28 PM

Will Standard SAP Do UOM Conversion while MIRO( From MIR6) through EDI ?


Hi All,

I have a doubt regarding standard SAP we are facing issue in PRD environment.

Case1 : if PO is created ----> GR Done -----> Vendor Invoice( IDOC)

in the case1 if PO is created for 14 BX , the base unit of measure is EA where ( 1 BX = 5 EA ) which is maintained in the Material Master UOM tab.vendor sending the Invoice with 70 EA , so in the above case IDOC FM is doing the conversion and posting the invoice for 14 BX which is fine.

Case2 : if PO is created -----> Vendor Invoice -----> Invoice Blocked -----> GR Done -----> Reprocess the Blocked Invoice( MIR6).

in the case2 if PO is created for 14 BX, Vendor Invoice with 70 EA,So if i reprocess the Blocked Invoice then invoice is posted with 70 BX instead of 14 BX which is not correct.

Now here My Question is, Standard SAP will not Do UOM Conversion while Posting the Invoice in Case2 ?.