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Aug 01, 2016 at 02:26 PM

Is it possible to count the individual values in a multiple value field?


I have a multiple value field in which I need to count each value. The number of multiple values ranges from 1 to 6. No matter how many values there are they are always surrounded by ampersands so if there is just one value it presents as &AAA& if they are two it presents as &AAA&BBB& and so on. But of course there are multiple possibilities so it won't always start off as &AAA& sometimes it will be &CCC& or sometimes it will be &EEE&DDD&

I already am running a formula to split the values to display them. (The present in different columns) My next question is how do I count the individual values for each type of value. So I need to count all the AAA and BBB and CCC and so on across the multiple fields.