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Aug 01, 2016 at 02:44 PM

hdbindexserver and hdbxsengine not working


A moderator having wrongly rejected this post, in an e-mail
exchange with the SCN Moderation and Collaboration team
(KMM732464V46915L0KM), we have agreed that I will re-post it
with the following preamble:

  I hereby confirm that prior to asking this question I have
  searched the SCN forums for an answer.  I used 'HANS',
  'hdbindexserver', 'hdbxsengine', and 'crash' as keywords.

  Let me also stipulate that this question is not a
  duplicate of
  because it asks help with a different error.

My question follows:

In my HANA intallation the services hdbindexserver and
hdbxsengine are not starting either automatically or after

                        > HDB start

Could it be the reason that I am unable to connect to my
HANA instance from HANA Studio?  If so, where can I find
information about why those services failed to start?  They
are not mentioned in the log files under


I am not sure if it is correct to run them manually, but
when I run hdbxsengine from under the "system administrator
user", I get:

Crash at /sapmnt/ld7272/a/HDB/jenkins_prod/workspace/
Basis/System/impl/SharedMemorySegment.cpp : 346 Reason: File
/var/tmp/.SHM_SAP_IPMM_Mutex_0028_no-sid could not be opened
/ created. Ensure existing, writable directory /var/lib/hdb.
RC:13 Permission denied

I am running HANA SPS10 on SLES 11 SP 4.