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Aug 01, 2016 at 12:37 PM

SAP EWM - Upable to change/update Batch master in EWM System


Hi Experts,

I am unable to change/update the batch in the EWM system after it is CIFed from ECC.

While changing/updating the batch, the system gives an error :

'RFC connection ECCCLNT100 could not be established

Message No. /SCWM/BATCH017'

The updates are working fine from ECC end. There is only an issue with the changes done from EWM side.

Same issue is there with the product master record. For example, the description changed in EWM system is not getting updated to ECC.

Things that i have checked:

1. RFC connectivity b/w both the systems

2. Set Update Control (Centralized, Decentralized) - Set!

What could be missing which is not letting the master data update go to the ECC system?