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Aug 01, 2016 at 12:21 PM

Wrong handling unit management configuration for warehouse xxx


Hi All,

I have configured a standard warehouse for my customer. Several storage types are SU managed.

In delivery order, we can pack the materials with handling unit after we create the picking.

And then, we want to use the mobile data entry (barcode scanner) to do the pick and pack also.

I have already setup some basic function or tcode LM01 and other LMxx.

So, I use the "pick and pack" function LM46.

I enter the delivery order number, and the pack material (the handling unit left blank).

Then next.

In each of the material, I confirm the line by scanning the pallet label (SU number).

After that, I try to use the F1 SAVE to supposely confirm the picking and do the packing.

However, the system shows error "Wrong handling unit management configuration for warehouse xxx".

Did I miss a confirguration? Do I have to use the HU management?

I hope not, because I assume if we can pack the handling unit in the delivery order, then we can do it also in the mobile data entry.

Hoping for any enlightment. Thank you.