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Aug 01, 2016 at 07:52 AM

Can message M3 552 be changed to Error from Warning type using OMT4 or OMCQ


Hello All,

As mentioned in the subject of this thread.

I wanted to know whether functionally ( using SPRO ) is it possible to change message M3->552 to an Error message from a Warning Message.

Presently I am getting this message as a Warning message in ME21N tcode. Functional wants this message to get transformed to an Error one.

I am an ABAP programmer and before looking into technical side I just wanted to confirm that whether there is a Functional alternative for this or not.

If technical is the only solution, then it would be helpful if anyone can point out the most appropriate BADI or Customer Exits.

Am not able to find this particular messages in OMT4 and OMCQ. Even am not able to add them as well.