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Aug 01, 2016 at 04:59 AM

User exit for the notification mail.


Hi Sap Folks,

I have some user status in notification like Assign, Re assign, and work complete and Re work required.Now the requirement is:-

1) As IT Department person will receive the notification for breakdown at his mail id , he will run IW22 and change the user status from create to Assign as the status change the field of person responsible should be mandatory so that It engineer can assign the notification to the technician. And after shaving the notification mail should be trigger and go at person responsible mail Id.

2) Same for mail should be trigger at each status. Now there is another requirement that suppose IT engineer has been close the call and Teco the maintenance order after that if user is not satisfied with the service and raise same issue within 24 hours then IT engineer Reset the status as Re work required and again mail should be trigger to the user that we have taken your request again in process like that.

What I can do best for this process and which user exit will be use for it.Please share your experience.



Gaurav Solanki