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Jul 31, 2016 at 08:11 PM

Authorization issue in BEx integrated planning



We are on BW 7.4 SP 11 and using Integrated Planning functionalities where we send plan data to ECC. Everything works fine for a user with 0BI_ALL. But, as we have a need to restrict set of data to users, I created an Authorization object and restricted data based on this Authorization object for end user.

Authorization works fine when reading data into layout. But, When end-user is sending plan data to ECC by executing planning sequence, we are getting following error message.

You do not have sufficient authorization

<plan function> ended with errors

You are not authorized to read the data

SU53 or ST01 is only giving that end-user needs "0BI_ALL".

But, if we assign 0BI_ALL, end-user reads entire cube data and defeats the purpose of "Authorization object" concept.

I'm using Plan function of type EXIT FUNCTION created using CLASS CL_RSPLFC_BPS_EXITS with "Reference Data" checked.

Any suggestions/thoughts here?