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Jul 30, 2016 at 07:27 PM

Target Mappings in Fiori Launchpad Designer


Hi everyone!

We are work with "Display G/L Account Balances" & "Display G/L Account Line Items", we could not see these applications in tablet and phone by the target mapping of these applications;

We modify the target mapping 😔!

Now we can see these apps on tablet and phone without problems...

Well, only one, for the moment only occurs in desktop, "Display G/L Account Balances" & "Display G/L Account Line Items" apps are related, when we click on amount of "Display G/L Account Balances" (for example 38.180,00)

direct us to "Display G/L Account Line Items" to see the detail, but we have the next error:

Maybe are the Company Code,Ledger Parameters...

In another environment, we can see that parameters are passed automatically, but with the change of target mapping something is wrong..

Any ideas to pass the parameters?



1targetmapping.PNG (30.8 kB)
2targetmapping.PNG (28.1 kB)
4target.PNG (56.2 kB)
3targetmapping.PNG (61.1 kB)
finaltar.PNG (66.1 kB)