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Jul 30, 2016 at 12:37 PM

Issue in Service registry: End point of Binding WSDL URL and Target URL is diffrent


Hi All.

I'm trying to register my web service using Services Registry option and testing through SOAP UI.

When i choose "publish in SR" in my respective ICO i can able to publish successfully in Services Registry. While publishing I enabled "Overwrite URLs during Publication" and i changed my because client want to communicate my service using my public host/port.


And it’s publish successfully in Services Registry.

in service registry I’ve taken a WSDL URL (note: it has my public host ) which is in general tab as I mentioned below screenshot. and in SOAP UI I tried to connect the service using same WSDL Url And i can able to connect my service, but the problem I can see the end point with my local host/port (application URL).

How can I Change my End point as my public host? Because I shared my public URL to my client, client can able to connect my service but there not able to connect my End point since it’s pointing to local host.

Note: I can see my end point also registered with my public host in Binding WSDL tab but Target Address tab i can see my local host.

on top of that when I try to test, It's throwing below error. Please suggest

i'm using PI version of 7.40.12

please help to resolve this issue.




sr3.PNG (90.3 kB)
s5.PNG (25.6 kB)
s6.PNG (61.2 kB)