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Jul 28, 2016 at 06:03 AM

XML parsing Error while doing Deep Insert - JSON Payload


Dear All

We are currently having issues while doing a deep insert from SAPUI5 to Gateway. The Gateway server is 7.5

The error we get when we use the deep insert payload as json. it gives an error

{"lang":"it","value":"Error while parsing an XML stream"},"innererror":

The same deep insert work perfectly when we use the payload xml, by setting the request header as “application/xml”

I also checked the notes -

1751991 - OData Channel - Deep Insert in JSON Format Leads to Error

1874920 - Error in "deep insert" case when parsing JSON

But since we are using gateway 7.5, there notes are not applicable.

Are there corresponding notes for 7.5 version? We are using the version V2 of oDataModel from UI5 which uses JSON format by default.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?