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Jul 28, 2016 at 01:55 AM

Same sales tax codes across company codes


Dear All

Please suggest us for the given scenario.

We are using ECC6 with EHP5.

But still we are using the Tax calculation procedure of TAXINJ. We are having 6 different company codes under this TAXINJ.

Recently we are having product wise Tax bifurcation for some of our traded goods.

(Product-Traps: Sales LST 14.5% and Product-Lures:Sales LST 5.5% in specific regions)

we are using the same material code across all company codes for Traps & lures.

As this was the traded product across company codes(Buying from external vendor & selling directly)-

the same taxes are not applicable during purchase.

Our finance team suggesting to have same sales tax codes for all company codes(B3-14.5 sales LST & B5-5.5% sales LST)

Can we use same sales tax codes across company codes in TAXINJ? Please confirm..

As the tax codes bifurcation & planning is from Finance -we want to know the risks involved (If any) with above procedure.