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Mar 10, 2006 at 02:19 PM

Re-use opf existing code


For our in-house ASP.NET development, we have a library that provides a lot of useful functionality. We can configure this library through the use of our own configuration sections in the web.config file. This library has been used by a team of developers for multiple projects during the last few years.

Right now, I am investigating the possibility to reuse this code in a PDK for .NET project. For this reason, I took the following steps:

- I included a web.config file in my project. This file is included in the PAR file and deployed to the server as it should.

- Next, I deliberately made an error in the web.config file. At that point, I can no longer call any iView from my portal application, as I get a configuration error from the Microsoft .NET Framework. To me, this was a promising sign.

- Finally, after correcting the file again, I tried to call a function from our library. Then, I noticed that no values from the web.config file have been read. All settings have a blank value.

Can anyone explain to me <b>why</b> it looks as if the web.config is parsed, while I don’t get any of the values that are included in the file?