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Jul 26, 2016 at 07:12 AM

Mapping error in multiple Synchronous scenarios


Dear Gurus,

I am using PI for connecting MQ server to ECC server. The adapters being used are JMS and RFC. There are multiple synchronous scenarios (5 scenarios). MQ team has provided individual XSD's for each scenario.

I have created separate Synchronous server interface, message mapping, operation mapping, Sender and Receiver communication channel for MQ and receiver communication channel for RFC, Sender Agreement, Receiver Agreement, Receiver Determination & Interface Determination.

There are multiple JMS queue, channels and IP address provided for the MQ server connection. I am using only a single queue, channel and IP address for the connection as of now. There is a CCDT file provided by the MQ team and I need to use it for which also I need help.

The problem I have is, if I start all the communication channels and trigger a data from the MQ side, the data is being sent to any of the synchronous scenario and not the particular scenario for which it has been triggered and giving mapping error.

I am manually starting the channel for which I need to do the testing and have all the other channels stopped.

Please help me out in how exactly I can achieve this. I need to have all the communication channels started and the data needs to go to the particular interface for which it has been triggered.

Also, help me out in how I can use CCDT. I have placed the CCDT file in a location on the PI server and mentioned the same in the communication channel. However, getting the CCDT connection error.