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Automatic upload of Data in WebDav folder

Hi, I am trying to automatically upload a file in WebDav folder using the predefined available Communication arrangement "Access Documents via WebDav". as mentioned in thislink

the uploaded file should be available in the below location Input and Output management-Fileinput

The below is the Request xml that we get when Iload WSDL file in SoapUI.

I am not sure of what values to be passed in the below fields, ObjectTypeCode, URI, etc.

This is similar to ManageAttachmentFolderIn interface but not exactly the same.

Any sample file would be helpful. Also where is the field where we specify the Service Interface name? As this file will be used for FileInput by an Interface.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:glob="">
            <ID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID="?">?</ID>
            <UUID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?">?</UUID>
            <ReferenceID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID="?">?</ReferenceID>
            <ReferenceUUID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?">?</ReferenceUUID>
               <ObjectTypeCode listID="?" listVersionID="?" listAgencyID="?">?</ObjectTypeCode>
               <ObjectNamespaceURI schemeID="?">?</ObjectNamespaceURI>
               <ObjectNodeTypeCode listID="?" listVersionID="?" listAgencyID="?">?</ObjectNodeTypeCode>
               <ObjectNodeNamespaceURI schemeID="?">?</ObjectNodeNamespaceURI>
            <UUID schemeID="?" schemeAgencyID="?">?</UUID>
            <TypeCode listID="?" listVersionID="?" listAgencyID="?" listAgencySchemeID="?" listAgencySchemeAgencyID="?">?</TypeCode>
            <Description languageCode="?">?</Description>
            <BinaryObject mimeCode="?" characterSetCode="?" format="?" fileName="?" uri="?">cid:349310390213</BinaryObject>

Any help is appreciated.


Abdul Rasheed

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 13, 2017 at 12:49 PM

    Hello Abdul,

    Have you already taken a look into the documentation at section 8.13?

    Furthermore - even as it is not exact the same, but it is similar: Mass Upload.


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    • Hi Horst,

      • I have access to all Business roles.
      • There is some WoC in Admin for WebDAV where we can maintain business roles for Communication. Tried this option as well

      I have raised an incident with SAP. Will update once I get any progress on this.


      Abdul Rasheed.