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Jul 23, 2016 at 04:47 AM

SAP HANA XSA SPS 12: Access to another container



I only try to get an access to an other second container.

XS Advanced features: Synonyms.

"Since both are HDI Containers, the foreign container needs to define an HDBROLE with the necessary access. In the HDBSYNONYMGRANTOR of project #2, you can list this role. The foreign container technical user should be able to grant the role with the necessary access to the target container then. "

Regarding this post by Sanampreet Singh and Thomas Jung, I would expect that it should be enough while I create within the foreign container (owner/grantor) a HDBROLE and in the second (grantee) container I can listen this role by HDBSYNONYMGRANTOR.

Is this right?


Afterwards I've built this both containers I will see the granted tables within the HDBROLE inside of my second container? Right?

Thanks for your help!