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Jul 22, 2016 at 04:43 PM

Compatibility problem deploying BPM



I am experiencing problems deploying a BPM DC in my SAP PO system.

Landscape es NW 7.4 SP08 - JVM 1.6.0_81, no transport system for PO, so I am deploying through the deployment perspective in NWDS.

I have tried with several NWDS versions and JDK 1.6.0_31:

  • 7.31 sp03.0000
  • 7.31 sp07.0014
  • 7.31 sp08.0013
  • 7.31 sp13.0000
  • 7.31 sp16.0001
  • 7.31 sp17.0008

With all of them I keep getting the following error:


1. Could not instantiate network [MyDevelepmentComponet].

The given process model was built with a NWDS or development track of a higher version than the target runtime. Revision number of built process model: 4.7. Revision number of process runtime: 4.6. Please refer to SAP note 1600131 for details.

Exception: [ERROR CODE DPL.DCAPI.1027] DeploymentException.

Reason: ASJ.dpl_dc.001085 Operation [deploy] of [MyDevelepmentComponet] failed.

What can I do? Could it be roles?

Thanks in advance.