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Jul 22, 2016 at 02:24 PM

Logon problems


I started to have an unusual issue yesterday and I'm not sure where to go for this.

When I used my work computer I always able to log into SCN under my account which was tied to my personal email.

Now when I click on Logon on the work computer on the SCN site, it pops up a form to "Upgrade your account for SAP Community Network" and my work email is pre-populated into the form and I can't change it. It shows a padlock and is greyed out. So I'm not sure how to get back to using my regular SDN account on my work computer. I have to log in via my personal computer now only.

The work PC uses IE 11. This is a pain as I refer a lot to SCN.

Is this something new? Any idea where I can change that? I tried deleting cookies and history. Still no luck!