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Jul 22, 2016 at 02:54 PM

SAML2 with ADFS using web dispatcher does not work


Dear All,

I have configured Single Sign on for NWBC using SAML2 with ADFS 3.0. Currently the scenario works perfectly. Now , I want to extend this to include a web dispatcher. Sadly, I cannot get this to work. I have followed this discussion:

SAML 2.0 Service Provider for AS ABAP and Web Dispatcher or Proxy - Security and Identity Management - SCN Wiki

I have deleted the previous SAML2 config and configured it after accessing the SAML UI via the webdispatcher. I have downloaded the metadata and reconfigured the relying party accordingly.

Now, single sign on works for NWBC only if accessed directly using the server URL but does not work when accessed via web dispatcher. The error message is :

No relay state mapping found for value xxxxxxxxx

Does anyone know if there is anything additional I need to do.

I have checked the metadata file downloaded from SAML config and find no information about the web dispatcher URL. I can't see how this is expected to work.

Any ideas/thoughts are highly appreciated.