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Jul 22, 2016 at 01:32 PM

Can not get nw7.3 standalone WDJ app to run forced language/locale


Hi, we are in a situation where we are migrating a portal consisting of several wdj-applications run inside a portal. We have stoped running the apps in the portal, and instead run them as stand-alone (with our own menu etc). We have a custom theme that needs to be kept.

<tldr>Cant force locale, users config in browsers override the settings</tldr>

The apps get lauched through a http://<server>:xxxxxx/webdynpro/resources/<Vendor>/<DC>/<WDApp>?sap-cssurl=http://<server>:xxxxxx/ and its working fine for most of our users. However, some users have specified en_US as their language/locale rather then Swedish, which is the language this app is run in. The language itself isnt a problem (only login page reflects the language change), but date formating is incorrect.

I have tried the suggestions made here realized that thats talked about there doesnt exists, but changed that in Java System Properties as of here Lookup of Resource Bundle - Portal - SAP Library .

I have got the "old" version, still running inside of the portal to actually be forced into a language/locale, but when running standalone it will not change.

I have tried the &sap-locale= without success.

The users are ~40000 external users, and changing and setting all these in the SAP backend to swedish language is not an option.

As a side note, some people set Arabic as their language, and even though there is no translation, the texts gets changed to right-to-left, and there is no formating on the page. Looking at the error console on the browser there is a missing rl css-file which I think is causing this problem.

What am I missing here.

Running 7.30 SP13 .