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Jul 22, 2016 at 10:41 AM

Bind rows to a sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable



I have an ODATA service (with vocabulary based annotations) that returns data along with annotations. I need to display an Analytical Table (ALV) so that I can use features such as grouping, aggregations, etc.

My OData model contains the correct annotations. However, when I try to bind the sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable using rows="{/EntitySetName}", no data appears in the table. There are no errors in the console as well.

<table:AnalyticalTable rows="{path:'modelName>/EntitySetName',
                                      parameters: {numberOfExpandedLevels : 1 }
            <Text text="Column 1" />
                 <Label text="{modelName>PropertyName1}"></Label>
            <Text text="Column 2" />
                 <Label text="{modelName>PropertyName2}"></Label>

If instead of a <table:AnalyticalTable> I use a <table:Table> the rows binding works fine and I am able to see the data in the table.

Does anyone know how to bind data to the AnalyticalTable ?