Status for BOP on S/4 (Win, Gain, Redistribute, Fill, Lose)

Feb 09, 2017 at 12:50 AM


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Hello, I have a question about BOP on S/4.

I've got a SAP document which describes S/4 Logistics BOP(See the attachment), but I couldn't figure out the exact meaning of 5 status(Win, Gain, Redistribute, Fill, Lose)

1) What is the difference between "Win" and "Gain", "Fill" and "Lose"?

2) What the exact meaning of "Reditribute"?

3) I guess the word on attachment "Confirmation" is key word and would like to know the exact meaning of "Confirmation", also.



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1 Answer

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Former Member May 05, 2017 at 01:17 PM

One of the tasks of the customer service manager is to fulfil the most important customer orders on time. In S/4HANA the advanced ATP function is used to define business rules for order confirmations. You can run the advanced ATP back order process to update automatically any existing order confirmation according to those business rules.
There are five different predefined confirmation strategies (business rules): Win, Gain, Redistribute, Fill and Lose.

  • WIN: Confirm as requested shall be fully confirmed in time
  • GAIN: Improve, if possible shall at least keep the confirmation and should gain
  • REDISTRIBUTE: Redistribute should gain, but may also lose
  • FILL: Delete confirmation, if required shall not gain anything, should keep confirmation, but may also lose
  • LOSE: Delete confirmation shall lose everything (e.g. internal stock replenishment orders)
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