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Jul 21, 2016 at 08:43 AM

CJ20N Project Type Field not Change Mode Dropdown Button..


Hi Expert,

We have Created Project Profile, and 2nd Level WBS Element with same Description for Project Definition. When we are going to create WBS Element system showing Project type Field non-Editable Mode, we have already created 2 nd Level WBS Element along with Project Type. my doubt is why not system give Project type Field in Active Mode to select through Drop down button for Proj Type while Second Level only for Information for Project Profile. wen I am going to add WBS Element system gives to create but Proj Type Field Button is not active . showing Un-editable mode. One more Person Responsible Person 10 automatically updated. should be Active and select through Drop-down button.

For. Ref. plzee find the attached file for the same.

Kindly help me.




wbs2.PNG (76.2 kB)
wbss1.PNG (36.0 kB)