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Jul 20, 2016 at 02:44 PM

Change from STO to Outbound/Inbound deliveries


Hi All

I hope I am going to explain myself well enough to get some helpful answers, here goes.

We currently move stock between 2 plants (under the same company and org code) using the stock transport PO 2 step process.

Issued out of the supplying plant on a 351 movement and receipted at destination plant on a 101 movement (MIGO)

We would like to go to using inbound and outbound delivery process as we feel it would save time at destination plant by generating an outbound work to list.

Is the config I require listed below correct (I have doubts) or can someone point me to the correct documentation?

1. XK01 - Create a vendor as the receiving plant (Plant B)

2. XK02 - Assign the vendor to the destination plant (Plant B)

3. XD01 - Create customer with sales area of the vendor

Then I need to do some work in SPRO but I am not sure what.

Any ideas?