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Jul 20, 2016 at 09:46 AM

ORDER BY in Custom-Code for HANA



we are currently checking our custom-code and the most painful finding is the missig ORDER BY Statement. Before we checked our code we've searched the internet for hints to adjust the abap-code for hana. But in our findigs there were no explicit hints to the ORER BY. The Document "Condiderations for Custom ABAP Code During Migration to SAP HANA" describes the implicit sorting but there is no REDLIGHT for that.

In my opinion this is the most frequently finding in custom-code!

So I have a question for all custom-coders: ow shall we deal with the ORDER BY? Adjust all findings (we have more than 2500 findings!!!)? Adjust only special findings - but what ist "special"? Or no adjustments an we will see what happens in our functional tests?

Regarding for your answers. Thx.