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Jul 20, 2016 at 08:25 AM

APS Server - Cant edit Services or create new APS


Hello experts,

my customer is having a strange problem with a fresh installation of BO 4.2 SP2.

We realised that all the design studio reports aren´t running on the bi Plattform. You just get the loading Icon and even after ten minutes nothing happens.

So I checked the APS Server and I think that there is no "Analysis Application Service" configured for any of the 3 APS Servers (Core, Data, Auditing).

I stopped the Core APS and tried to edit the Services. Then I immediately get the following error message:

So I tried to add a new APS Server. I also get this error message when I try to do so.

Can anyone help me? I don´t have Access to the Windows Server so I´m not able to check the logs at the moment.

What can I do else?

In the case I get Access to the Server, where can I find the right log files? Is it in the bi logging Folder?

Many thanks in advance,



error_Message.jpg (57.6 kB)