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Jul 20, 2016 at 06:29 AM

MSS OADP: Manager do not want to use chief position


Hi Expert,

We are using ESS-MSS from NWBC and in MSS homepage (Team View) OADP we are facing issue.

  1. As per MSS standard When Manager is holding chief position then it is working fine, and Manager (with chief position) can see all the employees of his/her Org Unit.
  2. As per our client requirement in OM, Manager is not assigned as HOD (Chief Position), so when a manger open Team calendar s/he want to see all the employees reporting to him directly.
  3. We want to display only employees who directly reports (Relation A-002) to the Manager.

  1. In our OM, when General Manager Login he can see all the employees (6 employees) in Org Unit.
  2. When Manager FI (Doesn’t has Chief position) login cannot see his direct subordinates.
  3. When Manager CO (Doesn’t has Chief position) login cannot see his direct subordinates.

Solution we tried: We have gone through many threads and tried the suggested solutions-

We Created a Z Function module by copying the standard FM HRMSS_PERSON_EVAL_PATH, in the Custom FM we written the logic as per our requirement and assigned to MSS_BIZ_RULE2, then system was throwing an error as “No Data exist for user XYZ in MSSBIZVIEW”.

Please suggest how we Manager(without chief position) can see his/her direct subordinate.

Thanks in advance.


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