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Jul 19, 2016 at 02:13 PM

Rounds manager client transmits but downloads NO data


Hello Experts,

SAP product version details:

SMP server 3 SP10


SAP Rounds manager 3.0 standard

Rounds manager mobile add-on installed in the ECC system

The (manual) transmissions from Rounds manager WPF client are done successfully after all the initial configurations at SMP and Agentry layers (providing SAP ECC system connection details). but there is no data downloaded in the client from the backend. Entry lists section shows "0 Total" i.e there is no Entry list downloaded. We have created sample Entry lists and measuring points in the backend but they do not download in the client.

I checked the "Push scenarios by Mobile app" config in Agentry SAP Framework Configuration panel. There are these below apps listed (but there is no Rounds manager app listed there):

SAP Work Manager 6.2

SAP Work Manager 5.3

SAP Customer Service 2.1

Syclo SMART Mobile Suite - Work Manager 5.2

We are expecting the Rounds manager mobile app push scenario configuration also to be listed there, as we have installed the Mobile add-ons for Rounds manager. Are we expecting the right thing?

If yes, what could be the reason that Push scenario for Rounds manager mobile app is not listed there? and what has to be done for it?

If no, is there any documentation to configure this manually that you can provide us?

Thank you

Sajan Mathew