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Jul 19, 2016 at 04:47 AM

In-Process Inspection with External Serial Number



We are planning to Implement In-Process Inspection in our Organization.

Configurations Done:

Inspection type (03) , External Serial Number Profile In Material Master and in Routing control key as

ZP03 (In-house production with inspect.chars). Parameters for Order Confirmation as "Operation Sequence

not checked".


1.Production people offering a material with "Serial Number 1 & 2" for Inspection and serial number has

been created in IQ04 tcode.

2.We use Tcode QE51N for Recording Results.

3. Since we have assigned External Serial Number Profile, it asks us to record results under "Unit to

be Inspected" tab where we select the External serial number.

4. In Operation # 0010 for Serial number "10" the user is rejecting the material (For Scrap) and raises

a Defect code and "Confirms Activities" through Edit Menu.

5. But for operation # 2 also it allows me to confirm the same Serial number "10" as accepted.

As per user requirement the same serial number should not appear in subsequent operations. Can someone

please let me how to achieve this.

With Regards,