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Personas 3 SP3: Performance of dependent dropdowns

Hi there,

We are on Personas 3, SP3.

I have created couple of custom combo boxes, where drop down values in second combobox depends on what was selected in first combo box.

All the dropdown values (for both the combo boxes) are loaded when the screen is initially loaded. Upon a value is selected in combobox 1 (onSelect event), I calculate the dropdown values for the second dropdown and update the combobox entries.

Below is the event handler for 'onSelect'

//Clear Current entries of second combobox
var damageCombo = session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/cmbPersonas_146789411528788");
var damageCodes = damageCombo.entries;

//New selected Key from the first combobox
var damageCodeGroup = newKey;
if (damageCodeGroup === ""){

//Previously loaded data
var allDamageCodes = session.utils.get("damage_codes");
var data = JSON.parse(allDamageCodes);

//Calculate the values for second dropdown
for (var i=0; i<data.length; i++){
  if (data[i].KEY === damageCodeGroup){
       var values = data[i].SUBKEYS;
       for (var j=0; j<values.length; j++){
            damageCodes.add(damageCodes.createComboBoxEntry(values[j].KEY, values[j].VALUE));
//Assign it to second combobox
damageCombo.entries = damageCodes;

When I select a value in first combobox, it takes up to 4 seconds for the screen to be ready for input. Since I have all the value at client side, I did not expect this. In the network tab I see that there are three calls to the server.

How can I get rid of this 4 seconds delay? Am I doing anything wrong?



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1 Answer

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    Jul 21, 2016 at 03:42 PM

    Hi Krishna,

    I was not able to reproduce this issue in our local environment. Kindly create an incident and we will investigate.

    Best regards


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