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Jul 15, 2016 at 10:29 AM

BFC 10.0 Web interface error


Hi Experts,

We have been recently getting issues where users of the BFC Web Interface have been receiving the below error message. We 're on BFC10.0 SP16.

On checking we found that SAP Note 2105031 addresses this error & recommends "Double click on "Session state. Under "Cookies settings", increase the "time-out" parameter".

Our current setting for Time-out has been set at 20 mins.

However before implementing the fix we have a few questions if anybody has faced similar issues

1. What does this error message & the cookie setting actually mean? What is the best practice related to this Time-out setting? Is there any recommendation from SAP on this?

2. We have had cases where users received this error message even when their session wasn't idle & were simply navigating through the package. Is this error message likely to appear due to reasons other than time-out like network issues/ disconnection as well?


Manas Phadke