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Jul 15, 2016 at 07:57 AM

PTRA_WEB_GENERAL_DATA_GET problem with more than one REINR


Hello everyone,

We want to read the 'Comment' field from the Traveler Work Center screen.

We tried 'PTRA_WEB_GENERAL_DATA_GET' function to receive it. The 'Editor' field under the PTRV_WEB_GENERAL_DATA_EXT structure works for us. But we came across with a problem while using it.

If we call the function with only one Pernr and Reinr it works, but whenever we wanted to use it under a loop condition with more than one pernr and reinr it gives 148. message (Enter a valid trip number) under the message class of 56.

You may see the field that I want to read below and the error page that I receive.

I am open to use other functions to get the 'Comment' field.

Thanks in advance.



Under the 'Create Travel Request' screen


Untitled.png (5.6 kB)
Untitled2.png (73.6 kB)