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Jul 14, 2016 at 02:26 PM

MDG - Cost Center Deletion - No iDoc created


Hi experts,

We are implementing MDG-F Cost Center and the replication method we have used is ALE iDoc (not SOA).

While testing, we found that the cost center deletion does not trigger an iDoc - hence, the cost center gets deleted form MDG, but as there is no iDoc generated, it remains as is in ECC system. I have gathered after reading from a few posts on SCN that this is correct behaviour and Cost center deletion is not supported by ALE iDocs. Can you please confirm this?

If the above is true, can we switch to SOA only for Cost Center Deletion, keeping the Cost Center Creation and Change via ALE iDoc?

What are the other work-arounds for this?

Thanks in advance,

Zubin Shah