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Linkage between SAP ISU and SAP .R/3

I am Currently working in SAP ISU and I read most of the place that Device category in ISU is Material in MM(R/3 Module) and Device in ISU is Equipment in PM:

1.     I want to know how these are connected?

        Means Consider there is a project in which R/3 and ISU are being used and I would create a Device Category in ISU(EG01), the same can I use in         the R/3 as material(If i want to change the material by using MM02)?

        Is it possible to change material thorugh MM02 and will reflect the same in device category of ISU??

        If yes Please give an example.

        If No then How we say Device category is Material in MM.

2. My second question is:

        Is it mandatory to use R/3 if there is ISU?

        I am asking this because In my project in the background R/3 system is there but i dont know how it is linked.

        Isn't standalone ISU system is sufficient?

3. My Last question is Why to go for ISU instead of R/3.I know this question is answered many times but I didn't get any strong reason.

       I read ISU can Prints bills more effectively then R/3 in terms of large volume.

       but can anyone provide the actual figure?

       Only because bill generation is the reason we are going for ISU instead of R/3?

It would be really helpful

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2 Answers

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    Jul 13, 2016 at 12:23 PM

    Hi Prince,

    You could think of ISU as a system which has functionalities specific to the Utilities industry which are not present in the standard R3 system.

    For example, when you create a Material in R3, you will not be able to enter the default register group, or define the basic device category (whether it is a meter or a transformer etc.), the function class, the device type and related fields which are specific to the Utility business.

    These things can be added in the device category which is specific to the Utilities Industry.

    Also, functionalities such as meter reading, their validation, scheduling such reading activities can not be carried out in the R3 system without complex customisations, if at all possible.

    This is why you need the ISU system. It has capabilities which are specific to the Utilities Industry.

    Hope this helps.


    MOnis Shakeel

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  • Jul 13, 2016 at 08:30 AM


    Please find the response as follows-

    1. When you are creating a device category in ISU, a smaller version of the material master is automatically created in background for MM. However, this material master doesn't allow you to use all the MM functions. This material master created in MM module in R/3 is used for inventory controls in materials. If you want to use all the MM functions available, you have to extend the material master created in IS-U later in MM

    2. A R/3 System is must for financial consolidation purpose. From a finance perspective, IS-U FICA is a sub-ledger and it would require an ERP system for Consolidation of all the non-statistical transactions posted in IS-U. The R/3 System can be in the same box as of IS-U System or they can be in two different box, where in you have develop a mechanism(IDOCS, Flat file) to transfer the transaction values of the reconciliation keys from ISU to R/3.

    3.The first and foremost reason is the customer volume that is being dealt in IS-U is massive as compared to R/3 and that's the reason most of the IS-U Business Process are dealt through mass activities which wouldn't have been possible in R/3

    Secondly, Utility company across the globe function differently in terms of their day to day operations. So they would require a flexible ERP System, where in they can configure their business rules on top of the basic business process. SAP IS-U system provides that flexibility much more than R/3. Moreover, there are certain IS-U Business process, which R/3 wouldn't support in the first place.

    Hope it clarifies.



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    • Thank you very much Amlan Banerjee for so detailed information.

      But acn you please explain ISU better than R/3 if it comes with respect to large volume of data in figure?